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Each day, more people are using voice search-equipped smartphone apps and digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa to handle simple tasks, get answers to questions and more — at home, on the road or wherever they happen to be. Just like you have a presence on the web, you need a strong presence on Voice. Presence on Alexa and Google Home = Voice Search Optimization

50% of all online searching will be voice searches by 2020


As of January 2018, there were an estimated one billion voice searches per month, per Alpine AI. Plus;

  • 1. Voice commerce sales reached $1.8 billion last year, per OC&C Strategy Consultants. They’re predicted to reach $40 billion by 2022.
  • 2. 22% of U.S. smart speaker owners have purchased something using their devices, per Edison Research.
  • 3. 5% of consumers use voice shopping, but that number could reach 50% by 2022, per MoffettNathanson.
  • 4. Grocery shopping accounted for 20% of voice shopping in 2017, per OC&C Strategy Consultants. This compared to clothes shopping, which accounted for just 8%.
  • 5. 52% of voice-activated speaker owners would like to receive information about deals, sales, and promotions from brands, per Google. 39% would like to receive options to find business information.


And here are some more stats to truly blow your mind (or your voice)

  • 1. 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020, per comScore. (Is it even a post about voice search if you don’t lead with this stat??)
  • 2. About 30% of all searches will be done without a screen by 2020, per Gartner.
  • 3. 13% of all households in the United States owned a smart speaker in 2017, per OC&C Strategy Consultants. That number is predicted to rise to 55% by 2022.

So maybe its time to raise your voice and get heard on Alexa!


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