Whether you like it or not, voice searches using smart speakers is a real thing, and this thing is growing bigger every day. It’s estimated that 50% of all searches will be voice-activated by 2020. Audio enabled devices like Amazon’s Alexa have made their way off the kitchen counter and are now available in wearables and many new cars produced by major automakers including BMW, Lexus, Ford, and Audi. You can also add an aftermarket Alexa device to your car for less than $25. As more and more people turn to these devices to search for local businesses, your restaurant needs to be prepared and more importantly searchable. The development geeks at Restaurant Voice Apps compiled a list of the top five reasons to get your restaurant on the voice search platforms.

1.) Table For You!

A premium RVA allows the customer to submit a reservation request through their device with simple voice commands. Your restaurant receives an email table request with the user’s (real) contact information.. Simply reply and confirm. No third party booking fees or service charges. This feature alone is well worth the price of admission!

2.) FAQ’S (Freaking Annoying Questions)

Let Alexa or Google Assistant handle those (too) often asked questions. We can build a natural interactive question and answer script that lets your customers learn important details about your restaurant, without tying up your staff and phone lines. “Are you kid-friendly”? Alexa: No!

3.) Yes, Chef! She Can Do That

Using a WordPress plugin called Polly, Alexa can read the daily or weekly chef’s specials from a blog page on your website, with a natural spoken narrative. The new saying is “people eat with their ears.”

4.) Come Again

Stay connected with your regular customers with weekly flash briefings. These direct messages that use text to speech, video or audio recordings can contain details about special events, promotions or holiday hours. Reward your most loyal diners with exclusive deals and secret menu items only available through the voice app. Seriously, folks, this is Instagram on steroids.

5.) Asses In Seats

Most operators will tell you this is the most important goal. Get creative with your offerings. Reward your most loyal diners with exclusive deals and secret menu items only available during off-peak hours and only through your branded voice app. Offer deep discounts if they prepay for tables using an in-skill purchase. Sell discounted gift cards through a flash sale to raise cash in January!

Interested in learning more about how a voice app can help your business? Check out our products and services at www.restaurantvoiceapps.com.