FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- "App-less" Tableside Technology Lets Restaurant Customers Message Servers From Their Phones.

CHICAGO – May 3, 2021 | Chicago-based developers Emotive AI Inc ( announce the release of a new tableside bot that allows two-way messaging from a customer’s phone to a restaurant’s front of house staff.

The TABLESIDE AI bot communicates with the customer based on keywords they text from their phones like “CHECK” which sends a request for the server to bring the check to the table or “SERVICE” which sends a request for the server to go to their table.  

With the pandemic decimating the number of restaurant workers available – or willing –  to work, the demand for technological solutions to help out restaurants is at an all-time high. Instead of trying (and failing) to hire and train new staff, Tableside AI instead enhances the productivity and efficiency of the existing staff with AI-powered messaging allowing staff to handle more tables and customers, thereby enhancing the quality of service that they give.

All without the need to download an app or rememeber a password.

The idea, according to co-founder and former restaurateur Jim Martin, is to “supercharge the Front of House staff with technology.” 

Martin uses a steak sauce anecdote as an example: “A customer just got their steak and are about to dig in but they don’t have any steak sauce. The normal process would be for the customer to try and hail their server, or failing that, the nearest staff member to get them to so get their server. The server is busy working with another customer and can’t take care of the other customer’s request right then and there. The customer waits. Their steak is getting cold. When he finally does get the server’s attention they have to go back to the service area, get the steak sauce and go back to the table. The customer waits even longer. All of that goes away with our Tableside AI . The customer’s request  is recieved immediately and staff can respond quickly. Instant communication means less frustration, less waiting, and better service with the same amount of staff, which creates a much more efficient and positive dining experience.”

On the backend, a staff member monitors a web-based “Kitchen Quarterback” dashboard directing staff and actions based on the incoming customer requests. The quarterback may tell the busser, “take steak sauce to table 21” and message back the customer with “your steak sauce is on the way.”

The application of artifical intelligence used in support of real-time human tasks can provide critical relief for the hundreds of thousands of understaffed restaurants, scrambling to meet the resurgent demand of post covid diners.

To learn more about Tableside AI contact:

Peter Heisinger
Phone 888 519 1195