Frequently Asked Questions

1. Introduction- What is a Ghostphone?

A Ghostphone is an automated call answering system that captures incoming calls, answers frequently asked questions, routes calls, and sends text messages to your customers’ phones with useful links like online booking, driving directions, and online ordering.

2. How can my business benefit from a Ghostphone?

A Ghostphone answering system improves the customer experience by automating your phone system to provide useful information to your customers while freeing up staff to handle more time-sensitive issues.

3. Can I keep my existing phone number?

Yes! When a customer calls your number the call is automatically forwarded to the Ghostphone number which answers the call. If the caller requires additional assistance they can choose to be connected to a person and the call will be rerouted back to your number.

4. How do I forward my number to the Ghostphone number?

Just forward your existing number to your new Ghostphone number. Check with your carrier but with most, it’s as simple as dialing *72 (888) 888-8888

5. What if I only want to use the system after hours?

To deploy the system, simply forward (*72) your phone number to your new Ghostphone number at the end of the last shift prior to closing. To disable the system dial *73 and the Ghostphone number.

6. Can I have the system answer the phone only when we are closed or super busy?

Yes, all carriers allow for “conditional”  call forwarding. This means you can set the number of rings before the system answers the call. For example, you might set conditional call forwarding to answer after four rings during peak hours and no rings during non-business hours. 

7. What if I don't want a bot speaking the voice prompts? Can it be my voice or someone else's voice?

Yes,  personalized voice prompts and intents can be prerecorded in WAV format and incorporated into your business’s contact flow.

8. What kind of equipment is required?

no hardware or software required. Once your contact flow is built and deployed you can set it and forget it.

9. What happens if the system doesn't answer the customers question and they want to speak to a live person?

The caller is given an option to speak to a live person and the call is rerouted back to the your business.

10. Is leaving a voicemail message available as an option to the caller?

Yes, Our premium version ($99/Month) includes voicemail with message transcription sent via email or text message