Frequently Asked Questions

1. Introduction

Restaurant Voice Apps LLC offers A.I based solutions for Restaurants using the same technology that powers Amazons Alexa. As of 2020, the two featured products are “Late Lines” and “Voice Apps” with more products under development.

2. How can my business benefit from an AI Call Center Solution like a LateLine or a Voice App?

Think of a Restaurant Voice App as your businesses digital domain on the voice search platform. Your customers can book a table or listen to your daily chef’s specials. You write the narrative and Alexa tells the story. “LateLines” are your after-hours voice assistant for catering, private party and special event bookings so you never miss a sales lead ever again. Perhaps most important of all. When you’re customer gets an instant text message sent to their phone, they feel like they have been heard. Immediately.  That they are important to your business.    

3. Can I use my existing phone number for a Party Line?

Yes, This process of porting your number usually takes two to four weeks from the time the completed application is submitted to the carrier.

4. Can I get a local number?

Yes, but only if a number becomes available in the prefix that you requested.    

5. What if I only want to use the system after hours?

To deploy the call center simply forward (*72) your phone number to your new call center number at the end of the last shift prior to closing. 

6. Can I add more users to the call center during peak call times?

Yes, Registered users can access the contact dashboard from any computer or tablet with a supported browser, a headset, and a Wi-Fi connection. There is no charge for additional users. 

7. What if I don't want a bot? Can it be my voice or someone else's voice?

Yes, voice prompts and intents can be prerecorded in WAV format and uploaded to your business’s contact flow.

8. What kind of equipment do I need?

The Activation and Onboarding Fee is the deployment cost to onboard your restaurant on our system and on the AWS Servers.  

9. What is the cost for a "LateLine"

$189 Activation fee + $89 per mo. This plan includes 1,000 minutes.You can add extra minutes to your plan. $10 for every 1000 minutes. Each call to request a booking usually takes less than a minute.    

10. What is the cost for an Alexa Voice App

Voice Apps are a custom build and can range from $2500 to $25,000 depending on the scope of work involved. Contact us for a quote. 

11. What kind of support is offered?

We offer 24/7 online support via email or chat and non-bot support between 9am – 7pm CST.  

12. What are Lead Capture Minutes?

Lead Capture minutes are like the minutes on a phone plan. The average booking request takes on average, one minute to complete. So one booking “lead” is captured, in one minute. The standard LateLine comes with 1,000 Lead Capture minutes. (or 1,000 leads captured).       

12. Can customers make reservations?

LateLines have been created specifically for restaurants and caterers to capture leads and inbound sales for Catering, Private Party and Special Events. An appointment line is currently under development that will allow customers to make a confirmed table reservation and add it to their calendar and will also check the restaurants’ availability before confirming. Stay tuned for updates on this release.