What is Tableside AI?

Tableside AI is a AI-powered chat channel with two-way messaging created to help restairant staff serve their customers more efficiently. The three primary features are ORDER, which opens a two-way messaging channel with the Kitchen QB. SERVICE which calls the server to the table and CHECK which sends a request to the BOH to drop the check at the table.

What is a Ghost Phone and AI Contact Center?

A Ghost Phone is the AI phone number that connects to the AI Contact Center. It's an easy-to-use, cloud based phone solution that scales to support any size business. Powered and secured by the same technology that drives Amazon Web Services, GhostPhone and the AI Contact Center helps companies to provide superior, cost-effective customer service across voice, chat, SMS, email and web at a fraction of the cost of a conventional contact center. 

What is Curbside AI?

Curbside AI  is an AI-powered chat channel with two-way messagingor restaurant and retail curbside pickup.  The bot communicates wth the driver and collects the order name, vehicle type and location and then triggrers the curbside attendant to deliver the order. No communication with staff is neccessary - although customers can continue the chat after they have collected ther order for up to 12 hours.   

What is the SMS Valet and how does it work?

AI Valet is is an AI-powered chat channel with two-way messaging that lets restaurant or hotel customers message the valetto bring their car around. 

What is the Quarterback Backend dashboard and how does it work?

With Tableside the Kitchen Quarterback is the backend dashboard that the FOH uses to respond to messages from customers. The initial messages from customers are screened by the Tableside AI bot before being handed off to the FOH team member to respond to the customers' request on their Kitchen QB dashboard. For Curbside the Curbside Quarterback acts the same way as the Kitchen QB but it is the expo that communicates with the drivers.  With Valet Quarterback it is usually just the Valets themselves that monitor the dashboard. 

Do I need an app to use the Quarterback dashboard?

No. the QB dashboard is web-based and can be accessed on any browser-enabled tablet, laptop or desktop computer, with a login and password.

Do my customers need an app to initiate chat on Tableside, Curbside or SMS Valet?

No. Customers do not need to download an app. No username or password to remember, they just scan a QR code or enter the URL and start messaging.

How many customers can use the AI products at one time?

Each chat channel can manage up to five live, simultaneous conversations at a time. Additional incoming chats move through the queue as requests are processed and closed out. Each Quarterbsck should be able to effectively manage up to ten tables at a time.

Can customers pay their checkon Tableside?

Not in this version. We are building this feature into 2.0 so stay tuned for that release!  

Why are there only three keyword features in tableside?

Version 1.0 focuses on three primary pain-points for restaurants. Customers trying to get the attention of the server, make an order and trying to get their check. Tableside AI provides a simple solution to server-table delays. We have deliberately architected this solution to address these three problems in version 1.   However, businsseses can enable "full chat" for their AI solutions by contacting support@emotiveintelliogence.com


So Tableside AI is like a virtual AI powered "butler bell"?

Yes it is. We were going to call the bot Alfred but Batman already had the name.  

Does Tableside integrate with a POS system?

No. The basic version is designed to be lightweight and operate without an app, or POS integration. However, custom POS integrations can be built. Contact us for a quote.  

I see Emotive Intelligence / Emotive AI referenced in emails and other communications. Who are they?

emotiveintelligence.com is the development team behind all RVA and Megaphone AI products.

What is Waitlist AI?

AI-powered chat channel with two-way messaging that allows restaurant and service check in and waitlisting.

How do cutomers use Curbside AI?

Customers scan a QR code or tap a link in their receipt email that brings up the Curbside bot on their phones. The AI gets their basic information such as order name, vehicle type and location and hands the information to a live attendant who can expedite the delivery to the customer curbside. Contactless and safe.        

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