When you say “Alexa! Open <your business name>”  what happened?  Nothing? Or maybe some other listing service like Open Table or Yext sounds off and Alexa says says you have to use their app to open your listing?  Well, that sucks because it means you DO NOT  OWN YOUR  OWN BRAND NAME on voice.

 “Brandjacking is when someone acquires or otherwise assumes the online identity of another entity for the purposes of acquiring that person’s or business’s brand equity.”  Adweek 2018

Listing directories like Yext, OpenTable or Bing can become the default presence on voice for your business – simply because you have not created your own – causing a default Brandjacking we call “abrandonment.”

Either scenario is like having Yelp run your website. If thats fine for your business then move on, this is not for you.  If it’s not?  Then sign up now and lets make sure your business won’t get Brandjacked.