2020 will always be remembered as the year the world changed. When Governors and Mayors issued mandates for business closures and stay at home orders restaurants and retailers were forced to adopt new strategies and protocols for conducting contactless business. Third party delivery apps thrived as people were stuck at home and not used to preparing three meals a day.

It didn’t take people long to figure out that they were getting fleeced with exorbitant delivery fees and often their food would show up late and or/cold. Soon restaurants and retailers realized they could still conduct direct business and keep their employees working by offering contactless curbside service. Drivers would pull into designated parking spaces and call the store to notify them that they were ready to pick up. This was all fine and well when the dining rooms were empty.

Now as businesses return to increased dining capacities they are finding out that people have gotten used to the idea of curbside service and the systems they employed during the shutdown are not working efficiently in concert with in-store service. Curbside transactions are tying up phone lines and often sketchy looking delivery drivers are hanging around the host stand waiting for their orders.

Enter Curbside AI. A web based, two-way messaging tool that allows customers and delivery drivers to communicate directly with the restaurant. Customers scan a QR code with their smartphone that opens a chat window. The AI enhanced bot asks the customers the name on the order, the color of their vehicle, and the location where they are parked. The bot then triggers an alert that is sent to the curbside attendant via a tablet or laptop. The attendant takes over the chat, advises the customer of the status of the order and dispatches a runner to deliver the order to the customer.

The system is a completely web based solution. There is no hardware or app to download. Contact us to learn how Curbside AI can help your restaurant manage transactions with customers and delivery drivers.