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Yes, Chef! She can do that!

The development team at Restaurant Voice Apps, Inc. is always looking for new ways to adapt and integrate voice-activated solutions for our restaurant clients. We asked several chefs how they thought a smart speaker system could help them communicate with team members and help run their operations more efficiently. Below are six applications that could be easily integrated into back of the house operations, boosting overall kitchen performance and communication while reducing stress.

1. Link Echo Dot Speakers
Amazon’s top-selling devices are the size of a hockey puck and can be synchronized to act as a wireless intercom system between multiple stations in the kitchen. Simple voice commands open a two-way communication link. ”Alexa, open prep-kitchen… more roasted potatoes please.” The devices can also be accessed from a cell phone using the Alexa app. Voice messages can also be exchanged between stations. If no one is present to answer, the Echo Dot will display a red light to alert the end user that a message is waiting. 

2. Announcements
Chefs and Managers can use the “Drop-in” feature and make broadcast announcements to all Alexa units in the restaurant from any station or a cell phone. “Family meal in 10 minutes” This is not, we repeat, not your Dad’s PA system.  

3. Recipe Scaling & Measurement Conversion
Alexa can convert metric measurements and calculate volumetric measurements in seconds. She can also suggest ingredient substitutions. Program your Echo Dot to read off recipe ingredients and instructions. “Alexa, next step?”

4. Prep Lists
Kitchen staff can add items to the following day’s prep list through simple voice commands.
“Alexa, add two gallons of bolognese sauce to prep list.”

5. Smart Timers
Creating and utilizing custom timers can help avoid confusion and limit mistakes. By prompting your speaker with a named timer Alexa will remind you of which timer has gone off. “Alexa set pizza timer.”

6. Play Music
Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant knows how much the kitchen staff likes to listen to their jams while they prep for service. Alexa can play songs or playlists on command. Apple, Google, and Spotify streaming services are all supported by the Echo Dot speakers.

Do you have any ideas about how Alexa could help you run your restaurant? Please share your suggestions in the comment section. To learn about how your business can benefit from a branded voice application and smart speakers check out

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