Restaurant Voice Apps (RVA) are Chicago based developers laser focused on creating high functioning restaurant-driven technologies that enhance service quality, increase productivity and boost profitability. 

The RVA founders have over forty years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industries – and over 20 years in technology as founders of Emotive AI developing websites, apps, voice technology and artificial intelligence products – and are passionate about exceeding client expectations and delivering results that can truly impact a restaurant operator’s bottom line.

The RVA creed is “If it can’t be fixed it gets 86’d.”  

Customer feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

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High Functioning Restaurant Driven Chatbots with Live Agent Handoff.

Two-way messaging chat bot for customers to communicate with a retaurants FOH staf – enhanced customer service with high functioning A.I.  

Valet “checkout chatbot” that gathers the customer’s vehicle info and ticket number and dispatches the valet attendant to retrieve the vehicle     

Chatbot for curbside order pickup and reservation/waitlist check in – a contactless solution for restaurants to manage 3rd party drivers and keep the host station clear 



Forward Your Phone Number After Hours and Convert Missed Calls Into Confirmed Bookings


Alexa Skills

Get your own Voice App or eCommerce Store in the Amazon Alex Skills Store


Curbside pickup text messsaging bot.



Waitlist AI

Waitlist Bot for Restaurants




Accept Reservations 24/7/365 with this A.I. Powered Voice Assistant

Poolside AI

Poolside Chair Reservations and Drink ordering



Party Lines

Accept Private Party and Event regiustrations 24/7/365 with this A.I. Powered Voice Assistant

AI Call Center

IVR Call Center with  



Cater Connect

Book a catered event 24/7/365

AI Valet

Curbside AI Valet Bot